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C.N.E. Corbin is a PhD Candidate at the University of California, Berkeley in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management within the Division of Society & Environment. As City of Oakland Parks and Recreation Advisory Commissioner (PRAC) Corbin’s serves her community by researching, reporting, and making recommendations to the City Council on Park and Recreation policies. As part of the three member PRAC Park Ordinance Task Force, Corbin has been working with the Oakland community and the Parks and Recreation Department to update and create new park rules and regulations. She is also the PRAC Liaison to DeFremery Park, Mosswood Park, and Willie Keyes (Polar) recreation center. Corbin is dedicated to making sure that all urban residents have a place and a space to enjoy their city’s nature. As a practitioner of Radical Love, Corbin’s work on embracing difference, diversity, equity, and inclusion permeates everything that she does within academia and beyond. She cultivates safe spaces to invigorate respectful communication on contentious issues relating to race, class, gender, environmental issues, gentrification, and rights to public space. In 2017 she received formal certification from the Graduate Student Diversity and Inclusivity Training & Restorative Justice Program a joint venture with UC Berkeley & The Restorative Justice Center. Corbin interests also includes science fiction, AfroFuturism, alternative modernities, speculative fiction, and visionary fiction as tools to (re)imaging a different environmentally just and socially justice future.

Corbin’s research examines the relationships between society and nature within the built environment by investigating the concept of the green city within the United States. As an urban environmentalist and political ecologist her work focuses on how environmental policies and practices in cities impact low-income neighborhoods and communities of color and their access to public green spaces, urban nature. She uses media as a tool of investigation to understand how visual media represents and influences environmental thought and spatial understandings within the urban landscape. The aim of her research is to illuminate how historical processes of urbanization and current urban environmental policies at scale are impacting the lived experiences of the most vulnerable residents right now, and what that could mean for future populations living in green cities.

PhD Candidate, University of California, Berkeley, Environmental Science, Policy & Management, Division of Society & Environment
BA University of California, Berkeley, African American Studies
AA Berkeley City College, Liberal Arts