Mel Figueroa

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As a Fellow with the Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution, Mel co-facilitates the Movement School for Revolutionaries, a political education & strategic planning initiative providing workshops on history, political theory, and skills training for activist and community groups, radical/progressive coalitions, and political organizations across the United States. She also serves on the steering committee of the Campus Antifascist Network, a national organization representing over two thousand students, faculty, and staff on hundreds of campus communities around the country, many of whom have been targeted for virulent campaigns of harassment, stalking, and intimidation for their opposition to the escalating antagonism and recruitment activity of fascist and white supremacist groups on school campuses.

Her experience in progressive media includes: over a decade as a staff producer for  Pacifica Radio; lead researcher for the 2005 documentary “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price”; and Executive Producer of the Green News Network, which evolved from the Stein/Baraka campaign’s pioneering use of social media livestream platforms to break the third-party blackout in corporate media and the presidential debates. She currently serves as an on-air correspondent for Free Speech TV’s “Rising Up With Sonali,” and has written for The NationTruthdig.comAgainst the Current, and New Politics.


As an academic geographer studying agroecology, food sovereignty, and urban food justice, Mel's research explores the socio-ecological aspects of food systems and responses to climate change within marginalized urban communities in the US and Latin America.  Her work is fundamentally aimed at highlighting possibilities for innovative solutions to the multiple & compounded crises faced by excluded communities; and to document, preserve, and articulate the broader importance of diverse forms of knowledge & problem-solving that arise from situated & subaltern perspectives. She also specializes in economic history, political economy & globalization, urban studies, critical & postcolonial theory, the African Diaspora in the New World, and the dynamics of global crisis and popular revolt in the post-2008 period.

PhD Candidate, Geography, UC Berkeley